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Ken Gaub Ministries is about helping you to find the life of peace and joy that God wants you to have.

Ken has helped many to rise above their unpleasant situations and learn to completely turn their lives around.  His quest for answers to many complex questions, combined with his unusual experience have led him to help thousands find the answers to questions in their own lives.  Ken Gaub is celebrating over 50 years of ministry.

Ken’s quest for answers to many complex questions, combined with his unusual experience and humor makes him a dynamic, sought after speaker all over the world.  You will laugh and cry, but listening to KEN GAUB is a never to be forgotten experience.

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Ken Gaub has been in international ministry for more than 50 years. He has traveled millions of air miles crossing every ocean and continent to share the message hope that the gospel of Jesus brings to people.

Ken Gaub wants people to have hope, Joy and Peace. The kind of life that can only be found by knowing Jesus.

He has for the past several years been on a network of world wide radio stations with a weekly broadcast.

That broadcast will now be archived on this site.

These broadcasts are aimed at people who do not have a knowledge of Christianity. The teachings are very much for the seeker who is looking for answers in their life.

Below you will find a link to the archives of the year to date recordings of  ” The Answer”.

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slide-tourTraveling to Israel is a trip that every Christian that can afford it should take.  This trip opens your understanding of the Bible up like nothing else can.  Standing at Calvary, visiting the Garden Tomb and walking in the footsteps of Jesus is a life changing experience.

Ken and Barbra Gaub have taken thousands of people and traveled to the holy land more than 160 times. They understand what it takes to make the trip of a lifetime.

All inclusive travel on these trips means you do not need to take money on the tour as everything is included. First class hotels, Fine dining and and all flights, tips,tours, fees, so the only cash you will need is to buy some souvenirs.

Contact the office  at 509.575.1965 Mon-Thur 10-5 or use the link below for more information

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Idea Exchange

This is an invitation event for ministers and pastors from around the world that we are a major part of . This year it is Feb 17-18 in Orlando FL.

Why you need to be here


IDEA EXCHANGE is where ministry leaders will gather from across America – not to hear preaching, promotion of ministries or to sell books, but to hear what God has put in the hearts of others and what is working in other ministries.
We are not looking for a large gathering, but quality leaders who can bring some intelligent IDEA’S that are from serious thought and prayer so as to bless other ministries.  This meeting is open to pastors, missionaries, evangelists and the directors of ministries of all kinds.
There is no main speaker, but open and powerful discussion on the topics of the time that effect the church and how we cope with the changing times without compromising the message.  This event will bring you new viewpoints that can change your ministry and your life.  Many who have attended have reported great growth in their ministries.

This is a cutting edge event.

We will discuss and exchange ideas about:
  • Real world issues.
  • Reclaiming the broken institution of marriage.
  • Proving the value of the local church as a social institution
  • Reaching out to a growing immigrant population
  • I a nation where the fringe has an agenda that their lifestyle must be accepted and celebrated, How do we respond
  • Religious Pluralism is growing (Is Jesus the only Savior?)
  • 1/3 of American adults under 30 state they have no religious affiliation
  • Technological Advances (Ancient answers for modern issues)
  • Reaching Postmoderns ( people they do not believe in truth?)
  • Increase church growth and effectiveness.
  • Face challenges more confidently in anxious times.
  • Change from old to new strategies.
  • Do we need to restart the “Pro-Life Movement
  • Gender Roles in the Church
  • How are you training women to be leaders in your church
  • How are you training men
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